After a long long time

It has been a long time since I blogged. The last examinations of my life is over and now, I can shamefully declare myself an official unemployed bummer. During this longggg period of being M.I.A (which stands for Missing In Action, for those lost in the overly complicated world of short-forms), life most definitely did not come to a standstill. In fact, it became even more exciting and the most exciting aspect definitely came from a newly founded group of good friends from my Marketing faculty.

Having spent 3 years in the Marketing faculty and placing too much emphasis on my hall, I realise that I did not spend enough time and effort to cultivate friendships with my marketing peers. Discovering this regret in the third a.k.a final year seriously did not help things. Fortunately for me, during my last year, I met a group of marketing girls from class that I could clink with very well. From there, we took the same classes, formed ourselves into one group and worked on disgusting projects together. When the disgusting parts were over, we had crazy outings as well and they range from taking 101 photos in a restaurant during dinner to singing Theresa Teng’s songs at a sleazy KTV. Those times helped to fill in the void that I’ve created due to neglecting my life in NBS.

Hall life underwent major changes as well as some of my peers embarked on their attachment period this semester. Gone were the days that we went for every single meal together as a group and personal relationships between small groups has taken precedence. Sad but realistic and expected trend. Still, the good thing that has come out of this would be that I’ve managed to strengthened my friendship with Chean, YongJun and Benjamin.

My days as a hostelite is coming to an end in less than a month’s time. After spending 3 years away from home, I do admit I have serious reservations if I would be able to adapt moving back to staying at home. Top most concern is the loss of privacy. Besides, there’s always the issue of missing the friends that I have to leave behind and wondering if the relationships that have been forged here could withstand distance and separation. I’m trying to hold off the emotional part of moving out and make the most out of my remaining stay here.

Especially playing Warcraft…but my computer is so chui*. It keeps crashing and restarting itself when I’m playing halfway throughout the game.

Fuck lah**.

*chui – loosely translated as lousy in Hokkien.
**lah – Singlish, has no meaning in itself. Used for fun.


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