Feeling old

It has been ages sinces i’ve updated. Sure kept myself busy with inline skating classes, the dearly beloved FYP and not forgetting the most important event of all, Chinese New Year!

Finally finished my four classes of inline skating. I could, theoratically speaking, glide a little now and do figures of 8 forward and backwards on my skates. Now i’m anxious to get my new blades, and one of the models that have caught my eye would be the GeoBlades from RollerBlades. After checking out at various places, the price of GeoBlades seems to be $199. My pocket’s gonna bleed real badly again. Oh! For our final, the so-called “graduation test”, we had to complete a challenge of going down a relatively steep slope on our skates. And it was then, i screamed for 2 minutes non stop. Yeap, you’re right. From the top of the slope right to the very end. So now, i’m a slow learner (look at the previous post) and a scaredly cat.

FYP seems to be a never-ending chore. There are countless surveys to be done, mountains of data to be entered into SPSS (which i know zilch of) and endless meetings to be had. We have staggered into the almost-last stage of our FYP, which is to analyse and explain our SPSS results. God, ain’t i thankful for figurin out what the SPSS is all about finally. Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel now, the problem is, can i see it?

Chinese New Year. A festival to celebrate, to be joyful and to make a awful lot of noise to scare away the “Nian” monster in the fable. Now, it has slowly evolved to become a festival of endless eating and mahjong. How sad the Nian* would be, i wonder. For CNY, i went to my Malaysia maternal home. In the village, people actually celebrate with fireworks which could easily rival what we see during National Day. We singaporeans were actually so astonished and astounded by the majestic sight of fireworks that seemed to be just an arm’s length away. Talk about being suaku*. Maternal grandma doesn’t seemed to be recovering. She hovers and drifts in and out of reality and it’s causing a great deal of grief both to her and to her family members.

Was blogging at such an ungodly hour at 4.20 am because i had just returned from Velvet. Oh my god, the music at ALL three places at Zo#k sucks. No kiddin. I went to Velvet at first and the crowd was overaged. I see working executive in whichever direction i turned. Zouk had few people and music that i cannot absolutely dance to. Phuture was packed to the brim with young people moving their booty to RnB music which i can’t identify.

See all those young people makes me feel old, especially when i can’t dance with RnB music. My gawd!


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