I have no idea why am i still awake at 3.37a.m now when i have to meet my projectmates at 10a.m. in school tomorrow. Anyway, since i am awake, i might as well catch up on my blogging.

Last saturday, i met up with Marcus and Jinrong to go for drinks. It was a on-the-spur-of-the-moment decision because i’ve been feeling a little down. When i just met them, they actually went to the video games arcade center that’s tucked away in a little corner at dobby gaunt. My god, it has been ages (and i mean ages, maybe around 4-5 years) ever since i stepped into an arcade. Woah, the arcade games nowadays are definitely more sophiscated than i can remember them to be with motion sensors in shooting games. After spending like one hour (which felt like an eternity) there with me watching the guys play mostly, we set off for clarke quey to meet phil for dinner. I haven’t met phil for a long time… and he seems to be different. From what my lousy memory serves me, Phil used to be this really nice guy-next-door type but now, he’s become this playboy-wannabe equipped with a sort of slang or accent that i can’t place. Although it feels kind of weird initially but i’ve long since decided to try to not be judgemental when it comes to other people. Afterall, everyone has gone through different experiences that has moulded into what they are now. And for the hell of it, it’s their freedom to become whoever they want. Who am i to judge them?

After dinner, the trio and i went to Hooters. A sorta beer-garden place that supposedly has alot of pretty babes that are dressed scantily who are supposed to have large assets. Suaku* as i am, i haven’t been to that place before although it had opened for quite some time. Sufficient to say, i was more than disappointed with the girls. Where were the babes?! From now, it should be just known as a place where the SPG waitresses are dressed scantily and who fall all over themselves to please the expat guests.

Since it was a drinking session, we ordered beer. My god, can someone please remind me NEVER to drink beer again. I honestly don’t know what came over me to order beer with the rest of the guys. Beer is bad. It tastes horrible, is gassy and doesn’t do anything for me. Damn it. There goes my objective of the night. I know it’s dumb but it really seems as though the world is a better place when you are not sober.

On the way home at my block’s lift landing, i met with a…almost mishap which i shall not elaborate here lest my family members read this and forbids me to go out on anymore late nights. *shh*

The next day, sunday, i had my first inline skating class with Wilson and Marcus. It was quite fun! I finally took a step towards fulfilling one of my long-time resolution to learn how to blade. We didn’t do much the first lesson, just trying to find our feet (literally) and try to balance. I managed to walk on blades but i can’t glide yet. i’m a slow learner.

There goes my eventful weekend last week. This week’s weekend seemed to be quite hectic too with project meeting on saturday morning, alumni gathering on saturday noon, sentosa gathering on sunday morning and skating class on sunday noon. However, out of these four, i’m still not certain if i want to go for alumni gathering and the sentosa gathering. I guess i shall just go with how i feel at the moment.

Am supposed to sleep now, but sleep just eludes me…


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