Exam fever!

It’s been a long time since i blogged…just couldn’t be bothered for awhile. Anyway, things havent been going great either. Exams are in seven days and yet im still blogged down by totally irrelevant problems! My gwad, i think i have absolutely zero common sense!

Being insecure has brought me alot of pain…alot of trouble. I know i need to do something about it… *God help me*

Sigh, this blog is going to be so fragmented because my mind’s overly cluttered. I don’t really know what i’m thinking about anymore.

Forget it, i shall blog about the happy thing in my day today! I went to Fish Leong’s concert! Fish Leong came to NTU to hold a school concert and CAC was giving away free tickets on 2 separate days where students could queue for them. I heard that for both days, the queues started at 8am when the stipulated time for ticket distribution was 2pm. Talk about being kiasu man. Anyway, as much as i wanted to go, i couldn’t because i had classes.

Resigned to the fate that i was not meant to see Fish Leong, i just pushed the matter to one side to TRY to concentrate on my projects and exams. As usual, i was on the computer last night when steven msn me. We chatted for awhile before he asked me if i were going to the concert, and of course, as the truth benign, i was not. He asked if i wanted to go and i said i really wanted to but…. (as above). Surprisingly, he turned up at my room (he’s my hall mate) and gave me a ticket!! Oh man! i was soooooooo pleasantly surprised!!! As much as i wanted to go, i wanted to make sure that the ticket wasn’t his. I mean, since he had gone to such great efforts to get the ticket, he should be the one to reap the benefits. Although i asked and asked, he wouldn’t tell but insisted that i took the ticket. Awww..i was a LITTLE touched.

So, i went to the Fish Leong’s concert to today. It was pretty good. She sang most of the songs from her new album, Yan Wei Die. She’s kinda changing her music directions and image. From a lovey dovey type of songs to a more rock-inspired genre. Can’t make up my mind if i love or hate her new “direction” but it’s a refreshing change no doubt! I shall inspire to learn all the songs in her new album, haha!

Will post pics if i manage to get my hands on any. (Cameras were banned for the concert, ya see) Oh ya, i would have to get my image hosting up and running before i do that. Most prob after the exams!

Going back to books now. How boring.


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