Single Roomer

I’ve moved to my single room for the year. Although my roommate wasn’t around for the most of this holidays (i.e. meaning i’ve had the whole double room to myself), i’m quite surprised to find out that the feeling of having a single room is quite different. Something like having a place to really call my own, my own haven that i can runaway and hide in from the rest of the world. judging from these two days, i seem to be quite taken with this feeling. but whether this feeling is here to stay, i would not comment for now because i may feel quite differently once school starts. Afterall, feelings are volatile..especially mine.

My table is still in a mess from all the moving and i haven’t had a chance to go buy stuff for my room yet. Hoping to decorate it abit to make it look more homely and inviting, to both others and myself. i’ve always wanted to have a room done up with a pink theme. Dark pink curtains, light pink satin bedsheets and furniture all in varying shades of pink. All these, coupled with a consistent warm vanilla aromatherapy scent would be my dream room. (of course, the room must also come with essential electronics like computer with internet access, hifi and preferably a mini fridge. i’m a modern-city girl.) Maybe one day, i would be able to make this dream room of mine a reality. I can only hope.

Mel sent me some pictures that she has done up today. Absolut ads which i absolu-ely love. i’m looking forward to collecting all of absolut series..although now i only have a miserable two (kurrent and citrus). Lemming for the absolut vanilla most… i so so so hope to be able to get my hands on it!

The next 2 weeks spell busy busy busy. Next week would be all the registering nonsense and the week after that would be FOC. God, i’m kind of looking forward to it but also dreading it at the same time. Conflicting feelings. (See, i told you i have volatile emotions.) Shall stop for now, the guys are waiting for me to start warcraft. So long!


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