Zhiquan Birthday Celebration at Dazziemon’s Hse..

Yeah! The five of us (Centaur group which consists of Zhiyong aka Cozi, Dazmond aka Dazziemon, Yongjun aka Bobojun, me aka boboling and of course the birthday girl, Zhiquan aka bobochean!!!) are gathered at Dazziemon’s house for a hotplate session to celebrate our beloved bobochean’s 21st birthday! The four of us (minus bobochean) met at around 5pm at ang mo kio to get our food items and birthday cake.

Haha.. at dazziemon’s house, we had a super alot of food. We had chicken, pork, prawns, dumplings (or guo ties) and pasta just to name a few! I think we spent like 3 or 4 hours cooking, eating and chatting nonstop..

And now, we’re doing a sleepover at dazziemon’s house (yet again) and sitting in front of this comp..typing the blog. Waiting to watch the euro finals later… Greece vs Portugal!! I think this should be the first time in history that the first game has the same teams as the finals.. Let’s see who will win tonight. Haha.

Still a long way to 2.35am… *zZzz*

Dedicated to Bobochean (if you ever see this):
By fate, we met as OG mates at our hall’s orientation. I’m glad our friendship had blossomed over these past 2 years. Thank you for always giving me a new perspective on things or situations that i sometimes can’t seem to understand or work out. Today’s a very special day… it’s your 21st birthday!!!!! Stay pretty and cheerful forever! And yes.. as with all girls’ wish, may you find your “ru yi lang jun” soon!!!!!!!


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