It’s 5.03am now..and i’ve just finished watching the euro semi finals between Greece and Czech. And yes, actually i do support Greece simply just because the whole bloody world is supporting Czech. Haha. And yes, they’ve done it!! GREECE WINS!!! Straight into the finals they go, facing their first opponent, Portugal yet again. Finals…mixed feelings because i support both Port and Greece.. Let me think for a day before deciding which team i will support.

My hall friend, dazziemon, actually commented that Greece resorted to alot of dirty tricks and play very “negatively” throughout the whole match and that’s why he hates greece alot. But what i think that in a competition/match, the point of playing is to win. Even more so when u are carrying the pride of your nation as a burden on your shoulders. I do not see why Greece should not employ tactics such as playing “negatively” to win. however, i also do not think that they should stoop to using dirty tactics such as pushing/shoving/injuring the opponent. anyway, greece has shown tremendous fighting spirit and they have proved that the underdogs would have their show day too.

Shall blog later…need to catch up on my sleep now…. *zZzzZzzZZz*


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