Senior Camp Day 1

Today’s the first day (or should i say night) of senior camp. It kicked off at about 7pm, the time that everyone was told to gather @ the podium. It was a boring night, with the seniors testing out little games like “Catching”, “Bobo-shooter” and “Character writing”. These games have been created through improvising the familiar childhood games that were widely popular in the past. This was followed by icebreakers where we had to learn the group cheer and blah blah blah…(the usual dumb camp stuff that we had to do).

Seriously, i thought that tonight was a total waste of my time. The camp was badly organised with programmers not knowing what exactly their responsibilites are, logistics not having enough manpower and seniors poor attendence. HELLO?!?! OMC was supposed to have spent a YEAR planning these stuff and all we get is this? *What the hell..*

Tomorrow, we are going to venture beyond the NTU compound and go to the sunny little island called Sentosa! Although my heart gladdens that we are finally going to the sun and sea… im not too pleased with the fact that i’m going to have to get up at 6.15AM in the morning. (Such an ungodly hour). SHIT. this means that:

(1) i can’t watch the euro match that is going to start soon featuring greece and france [DAMN IT]
(2) i’m going to have to sleep early tonight which i am not at all confident of achieveing. My biological clock has already gone all hay-wired cause i’ve been sleeping at 6-7am in the morning and waking up at 1-2pm in the afternoon.. I’m so so afraid that i’ll get insommia tonight. Goddamn it.

Okay. i hate senior camps. especially BADLY-run ones.

Although i can’t help thinking negatively of OMC by looking at the current situation, i do sympathise with Dazmond. He has been left to pick up alot of messy situations right before the camps itself and has been working his ass off ever since. Kudos to u, dazziemon. i’ll try to support you and lend a helping hand whenever and however i can but i can’t compromise my thinking that most (note: MOST, not all) members of the current OMC is irresponsible and are most lacking in the leadership department.

Okie, that’s all for now. Shall try to get some sleep before the busy busy day tomorrow. hopefully i can get out of playing any games and conduct them instead. God bless.


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